Dark Matter: Its Origin, Nature and Prospects for Detection



Howard Baer (University of Oklahoma, Norman (OK), USA) Laura Covi (DESY, Hamburg, Germany)
Leszek Roszkowski (University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK) Piero Ullio (SISSA, Trieste, Italy)

Period: from 26-04-2010 to 19-06-2010

Deadline: 30-09-2009
Precision cosmology data identify dark matter as the main building block for all structures in the Universe, however they do not discriminate among the many viable dark matter candidates. Solving this puzzle is certainly one of the greatest challenges in science today. This program is dedicated to all aspects of dark matter physics: its evidence and general properties, astrophysical and cosmological signatures for the various candidates, as well as collider and other experimental constraints for the underlying particle physics models. Prospects and strategy for dark matter detection via direct and indirect searches will be critically reassessed, also in light of related searches for new physics at the LHC.

- Theoretical models for dark matter
- Cosmology and structure formation
- WIMP dark matter and direct detection
- Indirect dark matter searches
- Dark matter at the LHC
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